And today….

Some tidbits, just from today.

~ I got a new cell phone today. Well, I dropped my old cell phone last week, and ever since then, it will shut itself off on its own accord. I’m tired of that, so I decided I’d better just get a new phone. And did I ever upgrade. My old phone was just a basic phone, a Samsung Intensity II, if you must know; what they call a “candy bar” phone….

Found via Google image search for 'Samsung Intensity II'
Found via Google image search for ‘Samsung Intensity II’

…but with that hidden keyboard underneath. Pretty sweet. I’ve had that phone for three years, and never had any trouble with it, except for it recently turning itself off.

Today, I got a smartphone – a Samsung Galaxy S5. Maybe that means I’ll be able to blog from my phone, which would be great on road trips, I guess. We’ll see. Thank goodness I was able to keep my old phone number, because I’ve used it for everything important, like filling out paperwork at doctors’ offices. And by the way, according to a manager who I used to work for at Radio Shack, the best cell phones out there are Samsung and LG models. Just an FYI. (Not a diss on iphones, because Older Sister just upgraded to the iphone 6, and iphone serves her well.)

~ Here’s a great show to binge watch – if you’re a fan of the “How to Train Your Dragon” movies, you should know they had a TV show as well, two seasons worth on Cartoon Network. Season One was entitled “Dragons: Riders of Berk,” and Season Two was called “Dragons: Defenders of Berk.” We got both seasons on DVD, and we now watch them constantly. Here’s hoping there’s a third season, because it’s a really good show. And your trivia for the day – Mark Hamill, he who was Luke Skywalker, is the voice of Alvin the Treacherous in the “Dragons” series.

~ My depression ebbed and flowed today, making today really weird. I was really down this morning, but really up this afternoon, and currently I’m level but tired. Don’t worry – I go to see Doctor on Thursday afternoon. I think adjustments to my medications are in order. We’ll see. I’m also going to switch pharmacies, because my prescription insurance card recommends one particular pharmacy which isn’t too far from our house. Just think – on a good day, I could ride my bike to fill my prescriptions. Exercise! Well, at least during the warmer months….

~ Finally, my second cousin Kathie shared this picture on her Facebook page today:


Made me smile, ’cause it’s true. Plus, I just love the Minions.


One thought on “And today….

  1. Good luck with the phone….I got one lately as well – could not believe I walked out with pretty much one I thought I had decided not to buy….so well, I should not say anything. And no you are not crazy, not any more than the rest of us (and I think I took some kind of medal last year)….x

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