Garage sale reminiscing

Found via Google image search for 'garage sale'
Found via Google image search for ‘garage sale’

Today we had a garage sale.

Yeah, I know.

My family is not known for those. In fact, I think we’ve only done about three garage sales throughout my life, counting this one.

This one wasn’t particularly memorable (so sorry to say, but it had to be said). But it was a success, as we sold several of our “big ticket” items, like a dresser, a desk, a TV stand, a stereo system, a home theater system, a couple shelving units, and a snowblower. All the people who stopped by were friendly and undemanding. Plus, I was in a great mood, probably because I was outside, getting all that vitamin D from the sun (thank you, Cindy). And it was a fantastic day for a sale.

All in all, a good day.

But it got me thinking of our most memorable family garage sale.

That occurred when we were getting ready to move from southwest Illinois to northeast Illinois. Oh, what the heck – we were preparing to make the move from Edwardsville to Aurora. There, I said it. This was some years ago, as well; I was still in high school at the time. Anyway, I wrote in my journal how this particular garage sale got me “fascinated” by other people. While there were folks who bought a lot, and folks who just looked and didn’t buy, there were a couple people who stood out to me.

Like the woman who thought the lap desk was a cutting board. Yeah, right. With a plushie side? I don’t think so. What would you do, cut stuff on your lap? No, you use a lap desk in cars or in bed, to have a flat surface to write on. Not to cut veggies!

And then there was the cheap lady. I thought Younger Brother made those 25-cent stickers for the soap baskets pretty darn clear. This lady thought the stickers said 5 cents a piece, and she was going to buy them all for 5 cents each. Did she ever pitch a fit when we clarified that they were 25 cents each! She left without buying any of them, without buying anything at all. Mom was a little huffy about that, calling the woman “cheap” under her breath.

We rented the house we lived in in Edwardsville, and the renter before us had left some stuff behind. Like a framed “Crying Elvis” poster. Elvis as in Elvis Presley. We sold that; it was one of the first things to be sold. I looked at Mom after it sold and said, “I can’t believe someone actually wanted that.”

The most memorable customer of that day had to be the man in the straw hat. I can’t remember his entire speech, but he delivered an impassioned oration about how “Nobody likes Apple computers,” because at the time we had some Apple computer parts we were trying to sell. He didn’t buy anything, but before he left, he waved me and Younger Brother close and said, and I quote, “And remember now – no matter what, Dennis Rodman will never look good in a dress.”

Yeah. He was strange.

Thank goodness for garage sales, huh? You really meet some characters.


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