Friday Bonzi Buddy Funny

Hi again. And sorry this post is so late; I meant to post this earlier this morning, but didn’t have time.

So, years ago, there was this software called “Bonzi Buddy.” Bonzi Buddy was a little purple gorilla who served to help users navigate the web and various functions of computers. I gather he was merely a virus in disguise, so he’s not in existence anymore. (Go look up “Bonzi Buddy” on Wikipedia for any more information, if you’re so inclined.)

At the time, Youngest Brother and I thought Bonzi Buddy was awesome. We thought he was cute and funny.

But then again, we’re both pretty warped children. We would think he would cute and funny.

In the thick of my depressed spell last week, Youngest Brother sent me this video via Facebook, with the simple message to “Feel better soon.”

And now I share that video with you. This is Bonzi Buddy singing “Bicycle Built for Two.” Only this video misses out on his little bow at the end of the song.

(Many thanks to Youtube user c1yd3i for the video.)

Enjoy. And Happy Friday.


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