I’m back – tidbits, and a possible new idea

I apologize for the lack of posts over the past month, month-and-a-half. Things just got away from me. Work is work. Home is home. Life is life. Nothing’s really changed.

But here are a few tidbits of mention that happened during my absence:

~ My dear blog friend John at writingthebody is no longer on the blogosphere. I cried at the loss, because he was such a kind and wonderful person. I hope he’s doing okay. Wherever you are, John, I miss you dearly, and I hope you are well. And I really don’t know what else to say, because it was such a hard loss.

~ Younger Brother visited from Georgia recently. He was home for two weeks. We had a good visit with him. He got me hooked on that show “Sherlock.” It’s a good show.

~ Dad also visited over Labor Day weekend, and that was a good visit as well. He’s still on the air, as DJ MoZo. I haven’t been listening nearly as often as I should, and I feel bad for that.

~ On a more serious note, I’m getting over a depressed streak that’s lasted about two weeks now. It was a bad one this time. Just so many things. I’m not up to sharing at this very moment. But I’m pretty much through the worst of it. I’m still pretty down, but at least I’m still here. (I said, it was a bad one.)

~ It was because of this depressed streak that I had a new idea. It’s crazy, and stupid, and perhaps a little vain. So why am I sharing it? I dunno. Just bear with me. I’ve thought about setting up a video log about life with depression/bipolar disorder. I thought about calling it “Ask the Depressed Girl Anything,” and taking questions from viewers/readers. What do you think? I would really appreciate any feedback. I haven’t started on it yet, and I don’t know if I will. It depends, I suppose. It’s just an idea, after all.

Anyway. I’ll try to do better next post.


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