Shoe strangeness

I’m not one of those girls who has a whole closet devoted to shoes.

I’m one of those people who will wear her shoes until the shoes wear out, and only then will I go buy new ones.

Take my work shoes. They wore out last week, scuffed clear through the toes, so I had to get new work shoes this past weekend. The new shoes I got should last me a while, as they’re quite sturdy. So I’m not going to worry about buying new ones for a couple years now, if I’m lucky.

Same with my tennis shoes. I had to get new tennis shoes, too, because the heels of my old ones cracked clear through, and were letting in water when it rained. Yuck. So I bought a new pair. Again, I shouldn’t have to buy new ones for another couple years.

Yes, years.

At most, I have five pairs of shoes – a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of work shoes, a pair of casual sandals, a pair of dressy formal shoes, and a pair of winter boots. I don’t change my shoes when the fancy takes me, or if I get bored with them, and I don’t wear shoes for style. I wear them because they’re functional and comfortable, and they can last me for years.

I don’t understand women who have thirty, forty, fifty pairs of shoes, or more, and who constantly have to buy them. Since when did shoes become the be-all and end-all? You know?

Not trying to knock those of you who have a shoe obsession.

It’s just….there’s more to life than shoes.

For the record – I cannot and absolutely will not ever wear heels. Ever. So there.



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