Oh me (tidbits)

~ What does it say about me, when the worst part of my weekdays is trying to figure out what the heck to wear (to work)?!?

~ Twice a day, the bus drives by my alma mater. I like to pretend my alma mater doesn’t exist.

~ Found out a couple interesting acronyms for the word ‘blob.’ In computer terms, it means ‘Binary Large OBject.’ But it can also mean “Bring Lots Of Beverages,” “Beer,” or “Booze.” Basically Lots Of Booze. Ha ha. See what I did there? “Blob” is such a funny word, anyway.

~ Do gnats bite? And it is possible to be allergic to gnat bites? Because they sure are annoying!

~ Speaking of pests, we had to put up with ants in the house this past week. Nothing caulk around cracks in the windows and walls won’t fix. *SIGH* Yes, we had to do that. That, and spraying a pesticide product both indoors and out. I hate to kill the ants, but once they’re inside, we don’t really have a choice. Haven’t had a problem since, knock on wood.

~ Found out what I was doing wrong with barre chords on guitar – I wasn’t using a pick. Oops! Won’t make that mistake again.


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