A rain story from the road

Monday, we drove back to Iowa from Illinois, after a long fun weekend with family.

And go figure – as soon as we hit I-80, it started to rain.

And rain. And rain. The whole rest of the way home, until we got home, it rained.

There was a stretch in there where the rain caused whiteout conditions. Yeah, that was sort of scary. Everyone slowed down, at least.

But then there were about 100 cars that we passed, because they had pulled off to the side of the road to wait out the torrential rain.

Isn’t that weird?

My mom thought that was really weird. She’s seen that before, in foggy conditions, but never when it was pouring down rain.

Kudos to those drivers, I suppose. And I say ‘I suppose’ because they probably drove like maniacs when the rain passed, to make up the time they had lost waiting it out.



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