Friday Carded! Funny

Yesterday, my department at work attended a seminar for record retention. It was held in Altoona, Iowa. To be specific, at the Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino.


The morning happened without much incident – the drive there, meeting number one, door prize drawing, meeting number two. Then lunch. Again, uneventful, but with a lot of talking, which was all right.

We had time after lunch, so Elvie, Carmen, and I, having never been to a hotel/casino before, decided to look around.

We took the escalator up to the actual casino, where – whoo – there everything was, as soon as you walked off the escalator. It was just like in movies, row upon row of machines and slots and poker tables, you name it, it was there. Colors and lights and sounds, and the smell of smoke. It was actually sort of headache-inducing to me, but some people live for this stuff, I guess. Who am I to say?

Elvie greeted the security guard, whose name was Dennis. Dennis greeted her back, greeted Carmen….

And then stopped me.

“Could I see some ID, please?”


But then, I had nothing to hide, so I calmly said, “Sure.”

I got carded! Everyone else thought it was pretty funny when Elvie and Carmen told them.

And then, upon our return to the conference room from lunch, we had another door prize drawing, in which I won a $10.00 voucher to play at the casino!

Let me just say, I am over 21 years of age.

Perhaps I should take the carding as a compliment….?



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