30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 30


A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days.

This is it. The end of the 30 Day Blog Challenge. I did it!

Okay, technically I took this photo last night, not today, but here it is:


Excuse the frizz. The weather’s been wacky lately.

And now three good things that have happened this past month:

1) Cindy determined that I have about a three-octave range for singing. Wow! Didn’t know I had it in me. In keeping with singing news, I am taking part in a recital in mid-June. I will be singing “Memory” from “Cats.” However, I don’t think an audio post will be forthcoming. I’m not that good at singing…. Let me put it this way – I’m not that loud.

2) Older Sister and I registered to go see two great American authors as part of our local library’s OutLoud! series. We’re going to see Sarah Vowell in late June and Wally Lamb in mid-July. I know it’s not for a couple months yet, but we registered this month, so it counts as something good. I can’t wait!

3) We painted our dining room walls. We actually finished a house project! YAY! We have soooo many more to go! And let this be a lesson to you – when it comes to paint color, go with your gut. The first paint color that caught our eyes when we walked into the store was the paint color we ended up using on the walls. It’s called Betsy Ross House Moss. Goes well with the pictures.


In closing out this 30 Day Blog Challenge, one last photo – a little ladybug truffle says ‘hello.’


And ‘goodbye.’ Because it was goooood.

I hope you had a fun month with this, because I sure did.


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