30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 20

First of all:


Have a Happy Easter!!


The meaning behind your blog name.

My name name is Mousenomia Tadpole, which is an off-the-cuff pen name I came up with one moment during a caffeinated afternoon. My nickname is Mouse, because ‘mouse’ suits my personality. (The ‘Tadpole’ is notable because I love frogs, but I can’t say anymore about that, because the future depends on it.)

So. Mouse. Frog. Both are important.

A mouse rides on the back of a frog in floodwaters in the northern Indian city Lucknow

My blog name is “Girl in a Basement.” There is no sinister or psychological meaning behind the name. As my tagline says, a mouse’s safest domain is the basement. I had a blog before, called “Mouse’s Lilypad,” but I deleted that blog in 2012.

I’d had an idea, before I restarted this blog, to videotape myself practicing and playing guitar as I went along, and to post the videos, and to name it “Guitar Girl in a Basement,” because I was going to do all my playing down in the basement of our house. But that would have to wait until I started my guitar lessons, so in the meantime, I named my blog “Girl in a Basement,” and was going to follow up with “Guitar Girl in a Basement.” Well, then I found out my guitar teacher Angie already calls herself the “Guitar Girl,” and I didn’t want to steal that mantle from her. So I’ll stick with the “Girl in a Basement.” And, instead of a video blog, I’ll stick with this blog.

So, there you are. It’s a moving on up sort of thing, a moving towards the light. I’m still moving towards the light. No fear.



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