I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday with Dr. A.

I had to get blood work done.

And you know how much I love getting blood work done.

Well, my fear got the better of me yesterday. My veins ran and hid.

So I was stuck not once….


….but twice.


Yeah, it was a fun morning.

The second time worked because the phlebotomist put a heating pad on my arm to help the vein pop, plus that helped me to relax.

Why can’t every place do that?!?

I also had an appointment with Doctor yesterday and, as I was due for blood work for him, he agreed to have Dr. A’s lab results faxed to him, so I won’t have to get stuck again. Everything he tests for (blood sugar, lipid, thyroid, etc.), Dr. A tested for.

At least, that’s what I’m hoping.

Curse my fear of needles. And my tiny veins.


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