Are you a genius?

So John drew my attention to an article on Sparkonit, via his post about “Are You a Genius,” which he turned into a questionnaire.

And I’m such a sucker for questionnaires.

So I decided to take John’s questionnaire.

Like John, these answers are all true. And, while I don’t agree with all the traits listed (really, tallness?), it’s just for fun.

1. Did you lose your virginity to just anyone? Geniuses don’t apparently.
~ I’m still a virgin, so no.

2. Do you have a high sex drive? Geniuses do apparently.
~ I wouldn’t know. N/A.

3. Are you a social butterfly? Geniuses are not apparently.
~ Nope. Not a social butterfly. It’s not that I feel misunderstood or anything. I agree with the point in the article about thinking too much, and will I sound stupid when I open my mouth.

4. Are you impulsive, e.g. taking the plunge dangerously into drugs? Geniuses do apparently.
~ No, not in regard to drugs or dangerous activities. Sometimes I’ll buy things impulsively….

5. Do you spend less time sleeping than most? Geniuses apparently don’t like sleeping because it wastes time.
~ And here I thought it was just the mental illness(es). I have insomnia to a degree, so I have a hard time sleeping. I don’t purposely not sleep. I like sleeping.

6. Do you have blue eyes? Geniuses do apparently.
~ Nope, I’m brown-eyed.

7. Do you have a tendency to become an alcoholic? Geniuses do apparently.
~ No. I will never drink alcohol. I have good reason for that.

8. Do you express yourself artistically – poetry, painting…. Geniuses do apparently.
~ Yes. I like to write short stories and poems, and I’m working on a novel. I wish I could paint or draw or do beadwork or make jewelry or something like that.

9. Are you an atheist? Geniuses are apparently.
~ Nope. Born and raised Catholic. Despite not going currently going to a church, I could never turn my back on the faith.

10. Do you tend liberal minded or conservative? Geniuses tend to the liberal end apparently.
~ I am neither nor. I belong to the MMI party – Me, Myself, and I.

11. Do you have weird hobbies? Geniuses do apparently.
~ Not really. At least, I can’t think of the words with which to describe them.

12. Do you do things that lead to other people ridiculing you? Apparently geniuses do.
~ I used to, and that got me bullied. So I really don’t anymore.

13. Do you have a mental disorder? Apparently geniuses do.
~ Yes – depression, bipolar disorder, social phobia, and anxiety issues.

14. Were you breastfed? Apparently geniuses were.
~ Yes, I think so.

15. Were you tall at school? Apparently geniuses were.
~ No.

16. Were you/are you skinny? Apparently geniuses were/are.
~ No, and I never will be. Get over it. Can’t believe this counts as a sign of genius.

17. Are you left handed? Apparently geniuses are.
~ Yes.

18. Do you lie? Apparently geniuses do.
~ No. It’s not worth it to lie; it will always come up and haunt you in the end. This is a trait I find hard to believe.

19. Are your parents smart? Apparently geniuses have smart parents.
~ I think my parents are smart.

20. Are you the oldest child? Apparently geniuses are.
~ No, I’m the second of four.

21. Do you talk to yourself a lot? Apparently geniuses do.
~ Yes. And I don’t care who hears me or who thinks what.

22. Did you learn an instrument? Apparently geniuses did.
~ I’m taking guitar lessons, I can play flute, and I am studying voice as well.

23. Are you a good listener? Apparently geniuses are.
~ Yes, I like to think so. Doesn’t mean I retain more smarts or information that way, because at times I don’t, but it’s still a good trait to have, I think.

I sort of balance myself out, I think.

Bottom line is, I’m just average, like everyone else. I’m in no way, shape, or form a genius.


2 thoughts on “Are you a genius?

  1. Like I say…I would not believe that list….it had me laughing as I was writing it out. I mean, can’t sleep, oldest child, atheist… what? Thanks for the in-spirit reblog….just as long as no one believes it….:)

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