Sibling love

I was house-sitting for Older Sister this past weekend, that’s where I’ve been. Older Sister doesn’t have internet at her house. Long story.

But she does have three adorable pets – her dog Jasper, and her two cats Camille and Teag.

And, boy, are those three lovable.

Observe. (Sorry about the bad lighting in the pictures, but I didn’t want to get up and disturb the moment.)

It started with Camille giving Jasper a kittie massage:


Then Teag decided he wanted to get in on the huddle, too:




Eventually Camille got up and moved to a less crowded place, which gave Teag enough room to stretch, and of course Jasper didn’t move:


Soon, they all ended up together on Jasper’s dog bed:


Sibling love. It’s a wonderful thing.


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