Deep freeze

We’re in the deep freeze here in IA. Temperatures of -20 below today, with wind chills between -40 and -50 below. Anchorage, AK is warmer than we are!


Seriously, wear lots of layers.

Like this morning. Mom, Youngest Brother and I have to go wait for the bus outside.

So, on my lower half I’m wearing tights, jeans, sweatpants, and my boots, plus I packed an extra pair of pants, just in case. On my upper half, I have on my sweater, then a jacket, then my winter coat, two pairs of gloves, my hat, my scarf, and my hood. I should be pretty well-protected. Mom and Youngest Brother are dressing in a similar manner. Plus, we’re all going to wrap ourselves in blankets, just for an extra layer.

It kills me, to see people wearing spring-like jackets and sandals (!) in weather like this. Any exposed skin can be frostbitten in five minutes, or less even!

This is the coldest temperature of the season thus far. But it’s not the coldest weather I’ve ever seen. That happened in Wisconsin one year we were living there, when the temperatures were -40 below and the wind chill was -80 below.

So, you know, this is nothing.

But we take every precaution.

We may look silly, all bundled up, but at least we’re warm.


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