Just another day

It’s my birthday today, January 5th. Crazy, huh? Another year older, but it doesn’t feel like it, really. I wonder why that is.

I was born at exactly 2:50 am on this day all those years ago. When I was being born, my dad asked the nurse if one particular machine was the machine that went ‘ping.’ And she said, in all seriousness, “No, that’s over there.” (See? Warped.)

Today won’t be very special. It’s really cold out, and we’re just going to stay inside. But I got phone calls and cards from relatives and cards from a couple people at work. And we’re having a family dinner here at our house. And maybe I’ll talk Older Sister into taking me to Barnes and Noble. Maybe.

I leave you with Binky the Clown’s special birthday song. If I remember the cartoon correctly, Binky was looking for Edna Fogerty but got Garfield’s address instead. Youngest Brother and I were rolling the first time we saw this cartoon. (I posted this last year at this time, too.)

I hope everyone has a bright and blessed day as well.


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