Don’t get me wrong….

….I love winter. It’s my second favorite season, behind autumn.

I just don’t like ice.

We didn’t get an ice storm overnight – just freezing rain. But it was enough to put a light glaze all over everything this morning. And my mom and I had to walk to the bus stop.

We really did not want to go out on the ice.

Let me just say that, when a normally three-minute walk from our house to the bus stop turns into about ten minutes, I hope there won’t be an actual ice storm this year. We stayed in the snowy yards for the most part, gave us some traction underfoot, but once we got to cleared driveways, we had to be careful.

My feet almost slid out from under me a couple times, but thank goodness I didn’t fall! And I had to hold onto my mom’s hand after a while, to keep from slipping too badly; she at least knew where she was going.

And this would be considered the calm before the storm. Because we’ve got a major winter storm set to move into our area on Sunday. Anywhere from 4 to 9 inches of snow expected, depending on forecast models.

Well, winter does officially start tomorrow.

Happy winter.


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