What a difference….

….a few days make.

These two pictures, of the thick fog, were taken by me on Wednesday (Dec. 4th), when the temperatures were in the 50s and it was humid out and raining:



This was the weather today, Sunday (Dec. 8th), with temps in the teens, and snowy; we got about 3.5 inches of snow:



Welcome to winter in the Midwest.

Today I made cookies, too, just because baking is something I like to do on cold days:


These aren’t the veggie cookies, these are a receipe called “Cookies for a Tribe.”

Our African violets are still going strong:


Here are a couple Christmas decorations we have around the house. First, our musical angel playing her harp, and her arms move up and down when she’s playing:


And our kids’ stockings, hung in birth order (so from left to right, it’s Older Sister’s stocking, then mine the red one, then Younger Brother’s, then Youngest Brother’s):


Here’s a picture of a tree in the front yard next door, with its red berries:


And finally, my boot prints in the new snow:


*shrug* Just because.

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and has a good week to come!


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