The Great Leaf Burning of 2013

What follows is a photo-heavy post, and all photos were taken by me. And it was a true story.

So this weekend we went to visit family in Illinois, as well as Younger Brother who came up from Georgia. We all had fun there, but the best part was the leaf burning Saturday afternoon at Nana’s house.

It’s so cool, because Nana and most of my relatives live in small town Illinois, where there is no burn ban. tee hee. That means they can burn their leaves and it’s totally legal to do so. And I love the smell of burning leaves – in fact, my coat and jeans still smell faintly of it. Yummy.

We set two fires on Saturday – I will call them the East Side Fire and the West Side Fire, because, well, they were on the east side and the west side of Nana’s lawn, respectively.

First of all, we weren’t the only ones in the neighborhood who were burning leaves, if the haze is any indication:


This is the East Side Fire leaf pile:


Here is the fire, set by Younger Brother (who had training to be a firefighter in the past, and was on hand to manage the fire):




We sent up quite the plume of smoke….:


….and quite the column of ash and soot:


This fire burned pretty good:



But eventually it evened itself out, and so we left it to smolder:


So that was the East Side Fire.

The West Side Fire was a whole ‘nother game. Take note of the two piles of leaves that were raked up:


And it burned pretty good, too:




Then it was time to add the second leaf pile. Younger Brother and my aunt Ellen spread out the West Side Fire, to accommodate the new leaves; I took a picture of it, because it reminded me of a volcano:


Here everyone is, adding the leaves:


So the West Side Fire doubled in leaf size:


The first hot spot:


And then there was FIRE!:




Like I said, we weren’t the only ones in the neighborhood who had the idea of burning leaves:


And then it was over. Boo hoo. I’m not a pyromaniac or anything, but I love fires and/or bonfires, and the Great Leaf Fire of 2013 was no exception.

Here’s the remains of the East Side Fire, as of this morning:


And here are the remains of the West Side Fire:


I’ll leave you with this wit and wisdom, courtesy of my aunt Mary: “Ever since they took the foil off the Ding Dongs, things haven’t been the same.” (Long story, but it was hilarious.)

And a perfect sunset from Saturday night:



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