Friday “Bumbie’s Mom” Funny

First, the weekly shameless plug:

Become one of the chosen. Join the mercurial stranger, DJ Mozo, in The Seventh House tonight, 8 to 10:30 pm EST, on Tenacity Radio. Too mainstream for progressive, and too progressive for mainstream. This is the best music radio is missing out on. How could you not tune in?

Now on to the Funny.

I’m on a Slappy Squirrel kick, and this cartoon is classic Slappy as well. This holds the distinction of being the first Slappy Squirrel cartoon I ever saw. It’s still funny. A bit tragic, but funny. Poor Skippy. But Skippy gets in the best bit, responding to his aunt’s question of “Have I ever lied to you?” Too funny.

Enjoy! And Happy Friday!


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