Writer’s block

Week 2 of NaNoWriMo is behind me, but I’m only about 18,500 words in, far short of the 30,000 words I should be closing in on at this point in time.

Any suggestions as to how to deal with a case of writer’s block?

Here’s the thing – I know exactly where I want my story to go. I have an outline, for gosh sakes; I’ve found I work best when I have an outline of some kind.

I just can’t get the words out.

I know the best remedy would be to just write. As Anne Lamott says, feel free to write SFDs (Shitty First Drafts). I intend to, because I know that’s what it’s supposed to be at first. I’m not afraid to write horribly, I can clean it all up in editing and revising.

But I just can’t get any words to come out. I can’t seem to write anymore.

Any help would be appreciated.

And if anyone wants to be my writing buddy on NaNoWriMo, just look for angelgal1598. That’s me. And this is my icon:


Thank you guys so much!

Found via Google search for "writer's block"
Found via Google search for “writer’s block”

5 thoughts on “Writer’s block

  1. Ok if you know where the story is going, try using a voice recorder, even your phone. Don’t do the narrative bit, just the dialogue, alternating between the characters….then have that as a very rough guide.. and start writing. Another different kind of thing to do, is to write another bit of it, and write your way towards that bit from where you are now….

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