Did I ever tell you….

….about the time my cat had a boyfriend?

It’s true. She had a boyfriend.

It was a squirrel. A little boy squirrel who we named “Dogbait,” for obvious reasons.

I don’t know how they ‘met,’ but it was all of a sudden and all-encompassing. Nuala would sit at the back door and pine for him – she would mew when he was in the backyard and watch his every move. And Dogbait would come up onto the back porch looking for Nuala. And he’d preen and strut his stuff, because he knew when Nuala was watching.

Once, he even left her a walnut as a gift, a whole unshelled walnut. It was just there one day, in plain sight, on the back porch. So cute!

Alas, it was a fleeting love, as Nuala is an indoor kittie, and there are plenty of other squirrels out there.

But she’s never looked at any squirrel the same way again.

I told you this story because she was watching every move of another squirrel this morning. Who knows? It could be Dogbait after all.

Because who could say ‘no’ to this face?

Photo courtesy of Older Sister
Photo courtesy of Older Sister

3 thoughts on “Did I ever tell you….

  1. interspecies friends are interesting aren’t they? Not sure what I think but it is fun to see. As for who would say no to that face…well there is a lot of prey out there!

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