Used, With Caution



You are a different person now – hearty, hale –
but still so vulnerable
to the ravages of exposure

Why should your world have to crumble
due to the thoughtlessness of others?
Why is what’s past not really past?

Maybe you were hoping
such past transgressions
would remain in the past

Hoping it would melt away like snow,
become part of the slush pile
and evaporate with time,

Or like a draught of cherished cigar smoke
breathed in, held within,
then released, vanishing into thin air,

An experience never to be caught or held by anyone else
Sad it doesn’t work that way,
that the world is not fair,

But you knew that, I’m sure
You knew better
I don’t care

I don’t care about any of it
Yet I do
Because it’s you

(C) by me, Mouse, November 13, 2013


*shrug* Room to grow, perhaps. I’ll work on it some more, probably.

Just something I thought of. If you think real hard, you’ll get why.

Found via Google search for 'worried'
Found via Google search for ‘worried’

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