Catching up

I am so sorry for the lack of posting! It’s been busy here.

To make up for it, here are some tidbits about things that have been going on.

~ I am back to my part-time schedule at work (so I have today off). But….I miss working full-time! I liked working full-time. So I have since applied for a full-time position within the company. Cross your fingers. I hope I get it! The pros of going full-time far outweigh the cons, let me tell you.

~ My first recital (for guitar) was supposed to be this past Saturday, but, alas, not enough people signed up for it, so it was cancelled. Darn. And I was ready for it, too. Which gives me an idea, actually……..more later. Maybe.

~ In keeping with guitar lessons, for the first three Saturdays in November, I get to take the city bus to my lessons. Joy. Well, it makes for an interesting ride, if a little stressful; I’ve done it before. Route 5 usually gets pretty packed with people, which makes me nervous for my guitar, but it’s been all right.

~ It snowed yesterday! Our first measurable snowfall turned out to be little more than a trace, but it was coming down pretty good yesterday morning:



Yes, it was a rain/snow mix, which is why the ground was so wet. But it made me happy to see the snow. I love snow! Probably won’t be saying that around February, but I’m saying it now.

Here’s hoping I can post more often than once a week again!


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