30 Day Song Challenge – Day 13

Happy Friday the 13th.

Since I’m in a music mood, here is the weekly shameless plug:

Become one of the chosen. Join the mercurial stranger, DJ Mozo, in The Seventh House tonight, 8 to 10:30 pm EST, on Tenacity Radio. Too mainstream for progressive, and too progressive for mainstream. This is the best music radio is missing out on. How could you not tune in? If you choose to join in the chat, just look for me, Mouse. (Remember, to get to the chat room, click on ‘Listen Live’ in the upper toolbar, and it’ll take you right to the chat room feature; to listen to the actual radio program, on the right side of the ‘Listen Live’ page, there’ll be a ‘Tune In!’ option in which you can pick which media player to listen to the broadcast with.)

Now, on to the music.

Today’s Challenge is to post a song that is a guilty pleasure.

I must be really weird, in that I have no such song in my arsenal. I either like something or I don’t like it. And I’m not afraid to admit either or.

That said, and in a way flying in the face of what I posted yesterday, I like the Spice Girls. Their music was and remains perfect mindless entertainment pop. Anyone else who likes them would probably consider them a guilty pleasure, which is why I chose a song of their’s as my post today.

From their 1997 album “Spiceworld,” here are the Spice Girls with “Too Much.”


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