30 Day Song Challenge – Day 5

Today’s Challenge is to post a song that reminds you of someone.

There’s a bit of a story behind this song.

I was about four years old when I first heard this song. It was just one of those songs that my dad would play all the time, or we’d hear it on the radio all the time. At the time, my favorite uncle was my uncle Thomas. Well, Thomas followed his dream, and he went and joined the Navy. One day, while he was on leave, he came by the house for a visit. He brought us presents – I think mine was a little monkey figurine on a surfboard (Thomas was based out in California). I couldn’t even look at him. I just stared at my present. I was upset, because he had just up and left us when he went away. Nobody had told us kids anything about it. You know? And this song was playing in the background.

Ever since then, this song has reminded me of my relatives – aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. It always has. Make of that what you will.

From his 1985 album “No Jacket Required,” and also featured on the 1998 compilation “…Hits,” this is Phil Collins with “Take Me Home.”


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