30 Day Song Challenge – Day 1


So I found this via a search for I can’t remember what. And I thought of that whole ‘Thirty days hath September/April, June, and November’ saying/poem, and thought this would be a good way to spend September. With music.

I meant to do this earlier but had internet problems earlier.

Today’s Day requires one to post a favorite song. Whether that’s a favorite song of all time or just a favorite of the moment, or a favorite of a specific moment, I really don’t know for sure; it’s rather vague.

So, let’s just kick off the 30 Day Song Challenge with this good song. It’s not necessarily a favorite of mine, but it’ll do because I do like it. Besides, Older Sister once related a story to me about how, upon her and her friends’ last day of college classes, this song came on the radio, and they blared it and sang along with joy, and I can’t listen to this song without thinking of that moment.

(I’ve decided to leave my favorite song of all time up to your imagination for the time being.)

From their 1996 album “yourself or someone like you,” here is Matchbox 20 with “Real World.”

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