Waiting for abatement

From the heat. We’re in the grips of a late summer heat wave in the Midwest, and it’s bad. I hate heat. But oh well. That’s summer for you.

I wrote something the other night that hit a little too close to home, and I ended up basically crying myself to sleep. I didn’t think it would hurt so much to write it. But it did.

Well, I guess ‘waiting for abatement’ really does sum up stuff right now.

It’ll pass. It’ll all get better.

Sorry to be so brief. Just wanted to touch base.

I have a lot to learn, I guess.


5 thoughts on “Waiting for abatement

  1. You write in such a cute way 🙂 And I don’t agree to the person above…. Keep writing and you will learn how to get rid of your pain through this ! I have been doing this since I started my blog. Love you…. You can do everything, just have faith in your self 🙂

  2. If it’s too personal, you need not post it publicly. Some people just thrive on the drama of others when they don’t have to get involved. That’s why the go hunting for such novels like rabid bookworms. Some stuff their faces in the process. You’re not here to amuse others. Are you? If it’s painful, try sharing it with someone who you trust who will rightfully embrace your words. Not a bunch of people you “don’t know from Adam”. Sure, you might snag the attention of someone who cares enough to say something helpful/nice. But, you also might just snag a bunch of “wolves” like Red Riding Hood or the three little pigs.

    You probably are a winter baby like me. Heat doesn’t sit well with us even if we do prefer warm to cold weather. Spring and early Autumn are best…aside from allergies. For me, anyway.

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