Technical difficulties

So listen to this story.

On Tuesday when I got home from work, I noticed all the digital clocks were flashing. That means somehow we’d lost power during the day. So I reset the clocks, and then headed upstairs to put my work time in (because I’m employed through a temp agency, so the temp agency pays me). The time site is online, so I needed to get online to put my time in.

My computer had lost its internet capability.

And still has no internet.

The best I can figure is, my little wireless network adapter somehow got fried. So I have to go get a new one. Everything else on my computer works, except for internet.


I’m borrowing my mom’s laptop to make this post, and let you know that I’m not gone! I’m just experiencing technical difficulties. Hopefully by the weekend, I’ll back up and running. So.

Until then!


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