Arrgh, but that’s life; the weekly shameless plug; and a question for my readers

Sorry again for the lack of posting. Things have been busy, in a way.

Is there anything you want to know or that I should post about? It’s not that I’m out of ideas! No, I have ideas and plans. In fact, I have a big idea for a future post, but that’s taking some time to get correct. (That’s me, the eternal perfectionist.) But I’m sort of drawing a blank as to what, exactly, to post. So, in the meantime, if there’s anything anyone wants to know, or thinks I should post about, let me know.

My initial appointment with the therapist Dr. S. went better than I thought. He tells it like it is, even called me a liar by means of omission. Well, he’s right. Everything he said was what I needed to hear. He even provided me this gem: “If you can get yourself in, you can get yourself out.” My new mantra in battling the mental illnesses. I think I’ll stick with Dr. S. for the long haul. Doctor was very pleased that I was going to see Dr. S. So. It’s a good thing.

After a long absence, here again is the weekly shameless plug:

Become one of the chosen. Join the mercurial stranger, DJ Mozo, in The Seventh House tonight, 8 to 10:30 pm EST, on Tenacity Radio. Too mainstream for progressive, and too progressive for mainstream. This is the best music radio is missing out on. How could you not tune in? If you choose to join in the chat, just look for me, Mouse. And I’ll probably be there the whole time tonight, as I need someone to talk to, provided my computer cooperates. So. (Remember, to get to the chat room, click on ‘Listen Live’ in the upper toolbar, and it’ll take you right to the chat room feature; to listen to the actual radio program, on the right side of the ‘Listen Live’ page, there’ll be a ‘Tune In!’ option in which you can pick which media player to listen to the broadcast with.)

Anyway. Off from work today. Off for now as well.


One thought on “Arrgh, but that’s life; the weekly shameless plug; and a question for my readers

  1. Yea, some time ago I called myself a liar…..but it is not so simple, and that is you reading into what the therapist said, I suspect. That is a kind of masochism you are doing to yourself I suspect. That is not the sexual side….it is rather the side of self-hurt that is one route, was my route to it. It is not a good thing, and if anything I would be wanting the therapist to get at that, and not to get you to tear strips off yourself. Though I totally understand because I still do it myself. But even I backed away from the idea that I am a simple liar. I am not – and neither are you. You hurt yourself, and there is self-deception – but also self-protection – in that.

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