The Free Rider Award!

This award was created by my dear blog friend John!


Quoting John, here are the rules for the Free Rider Award:

“1. You may give this award to someone, to no one, or indeed to many people. As the award is of no importance, this is a matter of choice, as it would be even if it were a matter of importance.

2. If the award is to be given to anyone else, Zed enjoins you to say what it is that you like about that person or that person’s blog, for one thing the free rider does is to pay close attention to those at hand….

3. If there is anything further to be said about the award, it is important, to some extent, or perhaps not to any extent, that you randomly italicise words, for Zed is renowned as purveyor of randomly italicised words, and most especially of the word italic.

4. As such an award may or may not be real, it is important, or perhaps not, at least to believe at least briefly in such things as blogs, free riders, or even Zed, or the one here who writes the body.

5. To paste in either this image or the gif above, or at least some image or another that you find meaningful.”


I definitely believe in you, John. No briefly about it. Thank you so much.

Here are my nominees:

1. DJ Mozo. Granted he doesn’t have a blog per se, but this is the homepage of the mercurial stranger, who is only visiting this planet, sharing his love of music, which is life. “May all of you be well, be blessed, and know that you are loved.” Words to live by.

2. Oggs. The legendary. It’s been a while since she last posted, but she’s still around. Sometimes, she know me better than I know myself. Good to know.

3. Olivia RT. Doing her fabulous fashion best, and throwing a curve in society as she does so, challenging how people think about full-figured folk. She is a beautiful blogger.

4. Gabbie. I like Gabbie because at times, she speaks for me – for all of us – in her writings and musings on life. She has helped me to put many a proverbial finger on exactly what it is I’m feeling.

5. Seb. I love his writing because, while he merely tells it like it is, it is usually outside my comfort zone. So i keep going back to read it. Amazing.

6. ramblingsofabipolarwoman. She is who she is, and is just so inspiring in the process. She has given me hope for better things in the world, despite my afflictions.

7. stunnedandstunted. I can identify with her in her daily struggles, and I’m pulling for her. Someone else who tells it like it is, in her own wonderful way.

And finally,

8. I used to know a blogger named teleute, who lived in India, and who posted some of the most amazing insights. Alas, I do not think she blogs anymore, but I’d like to nominate her anyway, because I miss her dearly.

To quote someone, “Best. Award. Ever!

Found via Google search for 'mouse dancing'
Found via Google search for ‘mouse dancing’

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