Short story offering #4 – “Austin in the Alley”

Just for something different. Plus it’s been a while.

Here it is.



The walls of the alley were slate gray, like stormclouds. If it were dark, the child would be frightened, but there were lights suspended above. He was not afraid. He approached the alley with a weight in his hands, the weight of the whole world. He rolled it down the alley; it thundered down and cracked into the pins with a BOOM! The pins flashed, then disappeared, like lightning. A cheer soft as pouring rain rose from the crowd: “STRIKE!”

(C) by me, Mouse, March 1999


In my English class in senior year of high school, we were given an in-class writing assignment. What we had to do was write a dream a particular person/animal would have under certain conditions. Here were the prompt choices: a cat sleeping in the hot sun with flies buzzing around; a 2-year-old sleeping during a thunderstorm; and an old man sleeping in the cold with a water faucet dripping nearby. I chose to write about the 2-year-old. This was the result. Austin is based on my cousin of the same name; he was really little at the time I wrote this.

I also tapped into a notion that Nana and my aunt Ellen used to tell us kids. Whenever there was a storm, that was just God and the angels and saints up in heaven bowling. *shrug* Made it less scary for us kids. Every now and then, I entertain that notion during a thunderstorm. Makes it more fun.

Found via Google search for 'child bowling'
Found via Google search for ‘child bowling’

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