Sunday at the ballpark

The bank where Mom and Youngest Brother work held their annual employee outing to the Kernels’ baseball park today, in which they and a guest could each attend the game. So Older Sister and I went along as the guests of Mom and Youngest Brother.

And we had a good time.

For starters, here was the view from our left-field pavilion seats:



Yes, the name of the ballpark is Perfect Game Field. It’s not really meant to be clever – the Kernels are quite a good team.

It was really sunny, but what saved us from the heat was a nice strong breeze. It was really pleasant weather-wise. Only the sun was so hot, my Carmex lip balm melted in my purse!!

The food was free until 4:30 – all you could eat hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, popcorn, peanuts, ice cream sandwiches, and drinks. I stuck with a hot dog and a root beer float, with some popcorn for a ‘snack,’ and mostly water to drink.


I wish I’d gotten a picture of some of the little kids who sat near us. Some of the little girls had the cutest sundresses on! One of the little girls wore a Hello Kitty sundress, another girl wore a pink-and-orange spangled sundress, and another girl had a blue and red dress with hot air balloons patterned on the skirt. So cute!

There was a juggler for entertainment in between innings. First he juggled three bowling pins, then five balls, then seven balls, then three flaming pins (!), and for his grand finale, he juggled three flaming pins while riding a unicycle. Craziness! I wish I’d gotten video, actually.

For other entertainment, there was the Kernels’ mascot, Mr. Shucks. Here is Mr. Shucks taunting the opposing team:


(Told you my zoom wasn’t good on my camera.)

Oh, and Older Sister and I both overheard a group of women discussing “sugar daddies.” As Older Sister put it, “A college-age kid ain’t a sugar daddy. They’re waaay off!” Weird.

And, of course, we all partook in singing “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” during the 7th inning stretch. “Root, root, root for the Cubbies….” We really did sing that! OOPS!

I wish I had more photos, but the family was engaged in really nice conversations throughout the ball game, as well as cheering our Kernels to a 7 – 6 victory over the opposing team.

Yeah, we had a good time. I think we should do this every year from now on.



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