Photos from the 4th

I did take my camera with me to the fireworks show last night.

Unfortunately, my camera did not get any fireworks photos, as my camera sort of sucks both with motion capture and taking pictures in time. Sorry about that.

But I did get some choice shots of the evening.

First, this shot of me is courtesy of Older Sister, taken via Instagram (as the saying goes):


The rest of the photos in this post were taken by me.

Here are a couple views from where Older Sister, Youngest Brother and I were sitting. Riverside!!!! If you know my city, we were sitting on the island between 2nd and 3rd Avenue; this is also just about the very spot at the river where I’d come to have lunch when I had the job downtown:



Here are a couple views of our Veterans Memorial building. This is the ‘eternal flame’ at the very top:


And the stained glass window; sorry this shot is so blurry, as my camera is also terrible with zoom:


There was a Ferris wheel on the island:


And there was a bungee jump game:


Here are two different views of the river. This first view is looking towards 2nd Avenue Bridge:


This photo was taken on 3rd Avenue Bridge:


I loved the reflection of the lights on the water. Looked better in person, but I tried to capture it on camera:


Finally, not long before the fireworks started, a singular little lantern passed through the night sky. I wondered where it had come from, was moved by it, and couldn’t resist a photo. You have to look real close, but it’s right dead center of the photo:


The fireworks were pretty cool, too, but I found it was the waiting that was more fun.

Next year, I’ll try to get video!

I hope everyone else had a good 4th.


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