Disappointed, with myself….

This week at work has been Employee Appreciation Week. The company has had something called the ‘Office Olympics.’ Sara and Elvie are going to compete tomorrow in the little hula hoop competition as part of the Office Olympics.

They were practicing today down in records, yes, actually practicing with a hula hoop. They were laughing, having a good time. Younger Michelle also showed up for a while, laughing along with them. And they were trying to get me to join them in their fun, saying things like, “[Mouse], you’re missing out!”

Me? I hid in my cubicle, trying to will myself invisible.

Why can’t I be outgoing and happy and….a part of things?!?

I just can’t. That’s the problem. I just can’t be happy and outgoing and a people person. I’m just not that person.

I wish I could be a more happy, bubbly person. But I’m not.

This particular song came to my mind this afternoon, largely because of the chorus. It means what it says.

From their 2001 album “Long Distance,” this is Ivy with “Disappointed.”

Found via Google search for 'disappointed.'
Found via Google search for ‘disappointed.’

2 thoughts on “Disappointed, with myself….

  1. This post made me sad, as did the accompanying song (which was an apropos selection); so sad that I had difficulty clicking the “Like” button because I felt like that would be me saying I ‘Liked’ reading about you feeling sad, which I didn’t because I don’t want you to be sad, as that saddens me. Anyhow, I’m glad you’re writing, and the truth is, I understand completely how you feel, as I lived in a similar state of mind for years. But I hope you see and embrace yourSelf, and become as HAPPY about that incredible person as you should be. Go look in the mirror and SMILE, you deserve it.

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