Poem offering #10 – “untitled #5”

So sorry! It’s been days, and I’ve been meaning to post, but things got away from me.

The department outing on Wednesday was fine. I worried for nothing, as I am wont to do. I had lunch with Karen, and then most everyone went to see “Identity Thief.” Eh. It was all right. Melissa McCarthy is pretty funny. But I wouldn’t watch it again.

I have an all-day class tomorrow, too, so I probably won’t see you tomorrow.

Sorry to have missed the Friday Funny and the weekly shameless plug, too.

I’ll make it up to you now, with a poem offering. Not one of my better poems, but one I feel strongly about, one that I feel is finished for the most part, and one I felt like posting, especially today.

Highly effective. That’s all I will say about whatever it is that’s bugging me. (Ooo, pun intended, perhaps.)

There’s no big secret or story behind this poem, either. Was just one of those ‘on a whim’ type poems.

Here it is.


I rest my head
In silent sound
It feels like lead
And spinning ’round.

Amazing thing
This potent mix
That cures not knowing
What to fix

Awake, alert
Ballooning fear
All over hurt
From being here

I’m scared to try
And make things right
But not of crying
In the night

Too scared to reach
Too mute to call
My eyelids fall shut
After all

I drank the draught
To kill the pain
At least until
I wake again

(C) by me, Mouse, date unknown


Found via Google search for can't remember what
Found via Google search for can’t remember what

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