Sunday snapshots

It’s Sunday. That time of….time.

More pictures!


This is our welcome mat outside our front door. We’ve had this mat ever since I’ve been a kid. Only it doesn’t say ‘Welcome’ – it has our family’s real last name on it. Hence my editing of the photo:


The sunset yesterday evening:


Clouds and blue sky combined:


The ‘tattoos’ on our front sidewalk. One year, Younger Brother set off fireworks at 4th of July, and, well, tattooed the sidewalk:


Mom and I made two kinds of cookies last night – she made the double chocolate chip ones, and I made the plain chocolate chip ones:


Just took this photo on a whim. I guess you’d call it a contrast of textures, with the lace and the straightness. Dunno, but it’s sort of cool:


My new friend – a squirrel. It got within 5 feet of me before Muirne charged the front door and scared it off. But it wasn’t afraid, and neither was I. Little cutie:


My fuzzy pink socks. Dunno why. Just because:


Here’s the daffodil again, just because:


Just felt a bit dark last night:


And finally, Nuala’s all tuckered out:


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