Some more photos

A belated thanks to Aisha and Charu for your comments on the story scenario. And that ‘peace offering’ idea needs some serious thinking on, because that’s a good idea; thank you, Charu.

Well, it’s Sunday. Time for some photos.

Mali and Little Blue are now in separate cages. It’s a long story….


They’ve been a lot calmer this way.

I found these two plaques at Wal-Mart, completely off-the-cuff, and couldn’t resist:


Maybe if I move out, I’ll put them in a bathroom or something. They’d be cool in a bathroom, I think.

Some pictures of our begonia plant, which Nana bought for us when she was visiting:



Our new kitchen table display, courtesy of Signature Homes:


The candles are the coolest, in that they are battery-operated luminary-type candles. They turn off and on by blowing on them, and there’s a sensor in the candle that senses a breath. It’s really neat.

The whole setup works really well with our poppy picture:


Well, that was Mom’s intention, anyway. The colors make us all happy. Even the African violets blend in with everything.

Don’t worry, we know the table isn’t centered under the picture. We’ll have to figure that out, how to do that, because our dining room is set up weird; there’s not a lot of room to move stuff.

Finally, the new sign on the door to my room, courtesy of the music store where I take lessons:


tee hee.

Looking forward to another week!


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