A story from the job – no big deal

So on Thursday, Karen had a copy project for me to do. Two copies of a fifteen-page document. No rush on it. Just whenever I could spare the time.

Well, as the document was to be copied for one of the assistant vice-presidents of the company, I made time right then and there. So I took the document out of the binder, careful to mark its proper place so I would put it back where it belonged.

In glancing through the document, I noticed a page with a colored bar graph on it.

So I went to ask Karen whether the document needed to be copied in black-and-white or color.

She didn’t know. She went to ask one of the higher-ups, and the higher-up said no, the document did not have to be copied in color; black-and-white would be just fine. And both of them were like, “Good catch with that, [Mouse].”

No big deal. So I headed over to the copy machine.

Then I really looked through the document. And saw that there were some pretty detailed graphs and maps that were also in color. Black-and-white would not do the document justice. And, like I said, it was a copy job for an assistant vice-president of the company.

The only problem being, none of the copy machines on our floor copied in color. They can print in color – they just can’t copy in color.

So what did I do?

Walked five minutes down to the file room, which houses the nearest color copier. Made the two copies in color. Walked five minutes back up to my department to deliver the copies to Karen.

Karen was touched – “Aww! You ran all the way down to the file room?!?”

Yes. Because it’s my job. I didn’t say that out loud, but I was thinking it.

What I wouldn’t do. You know? Because I like the job. Wasn’t like it was a big deal to walk all that way. It was worth it. Plus I needed the exercise – the plain and the able make me restless.

So, there you go. Just doing my job.

2 thoughts on “A story from the job – no big deal

    • Yes, of course I would! It’s just, this particular VP is sort of impatient, and so no one likes to keep him waiting, so….I just did the task ASAP.

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