My new ride


I know, I’m such a geek. But I’m proud of it.

It’s a 26″ ladies’ cruiser bike, only really built for casual riding. I’m not into off-road biking or mountain biking. In fact, I dislike riding mountain bikes, because I sit all hunched over. With this bike, I sit straight.

Should have seen me and Older Sister trying to get this into her car trunk on Friday afternoon!

Well, it wouldn’t fit in the trunk of her car.

Didn’t plan that very well, did I?

So what did I do?

I pumped up the tires, put on my helmet, and rode the mile-almost-mile-and-a-half from Wal-Mart to Older Sister’s house.

You betcha!

Granted I got stopped by a train, and I ran into some mud underneath an overpass, but it was a fine ride. And I stuck mostly to sidewalks, so traffic really wasn’t an issue; there were maybe about two or three blocks under the overpass where there weren’t sidewalks.

That’s something I don’t understand. I know cyclists are supposed to ride in traffic, and with traffic. But, really, why would they want to?!? I was taught and told to always ride my bike on the sidewalks, so I would much rather ride on the sidewalks. Especially in this city – too many terrible drivers.

Hence the bell on the right handlebar. And I’ll be nice about it, too.

So today, I went to Older Sister’s house, and rode my bike from her house to the family house. That’s my plan, anyway – in the mornings, I’ll bike to Older Sister’s house, park my bike there (and lock it up), catch the bus that goes by Older Sister’s house out to my work, and then reverse the process for the ride home.

I love the bike! It’s going to be a sweet ride!

And it will be just what I needed, exercise and energy-wise.

I feel better already.


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