Photos of Europe (Part 1?)

I’m feeling picturey.

And I have more photos. Just not right now.

For my freshman year of high school, I was living a particular city in southwestern Illinois. And my high school in that particular city was invited to play at the Stars Over Maastricht Music Festival in Maastricht in the Netherlands. We were one of 12 bands invited from the United States, but one of only 3 bands who raised the funds to make it over to the festival. So, yes, it was a huge honor for us.

This is not my photo, another band director took it and was kind enough to give a copy to us students. Here is me and the band during our performance at the festival:


It was only one day, our official performance at the festival.

The remainder of our trip was spent sightseeing. We went to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Brussels and Brugge in Belgium, Cologne and Aachen in Germany, and Paris, France.

Like I said, I have more photos, but these below are just some of my favorite photos from the trip. I had a sort of bad camera, and a lot of photos didn’t turn out very well, especially in Cologne.

We took a boat trip down the canals of Amsterdam. And I saw these interesting banners on a building:


This is the famous ion sculpture in Brussels; it was built for one of the World Fairs, I can’t remember which one. I recognized it when I saw it….no one else did:


The lady in this picture is Ms. D, another band director. This was in Brugge; Brugge was my favorite spot on the trip, so picturesque:


I had a friend at the time named Brooke who was just fascinated by European architecture. And it is a thing of beauty, so detailed. This was one of the arch entryways to the Cologne Cathedral in Cologne:


My friend Meghann and I walked through the Cologne Cathedral together, and we could barely breathe. We were mesmerized, because it was so beautiful. We even got to tour the catacombs beneath the cathedral, only we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the catacombs. Me being Catholic, I intended to take pictures of each of the Stations of the Cross in the cathedral. But my camera turned out to be less than perfect, so this was the only good photo I got:


Everyone knows the front facade of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, but I think the back is just as beautiful, if not more so:


That’s all for now! There’s more to the story, but like I said, I was just feeling picturey today, so I put up some pictures.

(And, yes, you can probably determine from the date in the photos just how old I am now, Sherlocks. If I said I was a freshman in high school at the time….didn’t think that through very well, did I? Oh well.)


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