The best dolls

Waaay back, a long while ago, C awarded me a blog award, and one of her questions to me was, “What is your most treasured possession?”

And I said I had three. And then I said you would have to wait for the full answer on that.


Well, here’s the full answer.

I have three most treasured possessions.

And they’re all dolls.

(Oh, C, clown warning, because one of the dolls is clown-ish!)

I got them each one year apart from one another, when I was three, four, and five years old, respectively.

We’ll go backwards.

The doll I got when I was five years old was a rag doll named Carrie.


I got Carrie from a dear family friend, Carrie-A. My family and I were going to be moving to the state of Georgia, and she let me choose one of her dolls as a sort of remembrance of her. As well as a sort of apology – if I remember correctly, on that day, we were driving the go-cart around the basement, and we swerved, and my fingers got mashed between the cart and a doorframe, entirely on accident. My choices of doll were a stuffed monkey doll, a stuffed duck doll, and Carrie. And I chose Carrie because, at the time, I was big on the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and in that story Laura also had a rag doll named Carrie. So, that’s why I have Carrie. And the tag on her dress did name her as “Carrie,” so that was just a happy coincidence.

The doll I got when I was four years old was my first ever china doll, a clown doll named Chips.


My paternal grandparents got him for me. I don’t remember why his name is Chips. I think he came with that name. He is not named because of the sizeable chip in his foot….


….I don’t remember how he broke, either.

But it was because he broke that Mom and Dad took him away from me. I didn’t rediscover Chips until – shhh!– Older Sister and I went snooping one day through our parents’ things, and found a strange bundle in their drawer. And the bundle was Chips, wrapped up and safe. I’ve had Chips ever since.

It never freaked me out that Chips was a clown doll. Because he had a definite saving grace….he’s a music box doll. And he plays, of course, “Send In the Clowns.” I did record him playing, but for some reason, it won’t work to post it. So you’ll just have to use your imagination. Maybe later, I can get it to work, because it really is beautiful to hear.

Finally, when I was a little tyke of only three years old, I was given Samantha.


My oldest and dearest doll. My aunt Laurie gave Samantha to me one day – Mom was taking us kids somewhere, and Laurie simply handed Samantha to me through the car window. And she was all mine, because Older Sister had her own Cabbage Patch doll.

I loved Samantha, and took her with me everywhere.

Little me, with naked Samantha; this picture is also to prove she had more hair then
Little me, with naked Samantha; this picture is also to prove she had more hair then

Yeah, Samantha had more hair back then; according to Mom, I would pull it out of her head in fits of childish rage. Poor dear. I could take her to get her hair replaced, but….I just won’t, because I love her the way she is. I always have.

The dress Samantha wears is one Older Sister and I both wore when we were babies. The necklace around Samantha’s neck is a more recent touch, because she is my little angel. Samantha’s right arm also pops out of its socket every now and then. I think it’s because I always carried her on my left side by her right arm, and I’d yank her to and from. Like “Dee-capitate” earlier, her arm is easy to pop back in.

I keep all three dolls because they remind me that it’s okay to still be a kid sometimes.

I love them dearly, and I will probably never ever get rid of them. They’ll stay within the family….my family, should I ever have one. If ever I have children, they would inherit all three dolls. So.



One thought on “The best dolls

  1. Dear Sarah,

    You have put a smile on my face dear, thank you! I did feel a tad scared when I saw the clown though!

    Take care,

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