Poem offering #9 – “Oymyakon”

How could I have forgotten about this poem?!?

More after the poem.



Winter is a season of contradictions
Life dies in winter
Breath freezes instantly into ice crystals,
Something they call “the whispering of the stars.”

There were places where
There weren’t places before,
Isolated in the clouds,
Champagne powder, soft
Twinkling white,
Sparkling like in wine

Image is everything
Image is nothing

(C) by me, Mouse, actually written before 6/10/2005 but committed to paper 6/10/2005


Found via Google search for 'oyalmakon'
Found via Google search for ‘oyalmakon’

This is actually a strange poem. I suppose it’d be called a ‘found’ poem, because the words were based upon the narration of a special my family and I watched on National Geographic about Oymyakon, in Russia. Oymyakon is the coldest inhabited place in the world. I was riveted to the special, picked out a couple phrases in the narration, tried to memorize them, or at least jot them down word for word, which didn’t really work. But I ended up writing this poem.

I don’t do warm weather very well at all. I wilt in the heat.

So Oymyakon fascinated me. Places like Siberia and Alaska fascinate me. Anywhere that gets snow and cold year round, and people live there day in day out, fascinate me. In fact, there’s a blogger I now follow – Dan at northierthanthou – who lives in Barrow, AK. (Stop me if I’m wrong, but Barrow, AK is the coldest inhabited place in the United States.)

The only edit I’ve made to this poem? I had the name spelled wrong! I had it as ‘Oyalmakon’ instead of ‘Oymyakon.’ Silly me! Well, writers can make mistakes. And that’s what Google is for.

And I wonder aloud again – what in the world am I doing up this early?!? It’s almost 3:30 am here in IA! Oh well. Time to do some more writing!


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