Mouse no more!….well, sort of….

In case you didn’t already know, Mousenomia Tadpole is not my real name in real life. It is a completely absurd off-the-cuff pen name I came up with one day, mostly because I wanted to incorporate my true self-imposed nickname of Mouse into an anonymous kind of name. (I also like frogs, too, but I can’t tell you exactly why, because the future will depend on it.)

So Mouse it is and Mouse it was, and Mouse I’ll always be.

But, for those of you who would prefer a more proper name to address me by, and in honor of a blog friend, you may now call me Sarah, if you like.

Sarah is not my real name in real life, either. Just a name I’m very fond of. And my blog friend likes the name Sarah better than Mouse for me. In fact, part of this post title (the ‘Mouse no more!’ part) is what the blog friend said in answer to my saying it would be fine to call me Sarah.

So you may call me Sarah. But I will still be Mouse, too.

Thank you, blog friend!

Sarah 1


2 thoughts on “Mouse no more!….well, sort of….

  1. Dear Sarah,

    I am sorry, I have not yet created a post for the lovely award you so kindly nominated me for, but I have pen and paper and will write, then create a post for it after tonight.

    I do like the name Sarah, it is beautiful. My name, well I dislike it a bit, I would rather be Ava, Ruby or Mae!

    Take care,

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