Tagged in a little game

3:20 a.m.

What in the world am I doing up so early?!? I have the day off today (it’s Good Friday).

Oh well. I slept for six hours thereabouts.

Not complaining.

And no Friday Funny today either, because I couldn’t decide which to post, and it was a three-way battle.

But here’s the weekly shameless plug:

Become one of the chosen. Join the mercurial stranger, DJ Mozo, in The Seventh House tonight, 8 to 10:30 pm EST, on Tenacity Radio. It is the best music not heard on radio, nor anywhere else. Too mainstream for progressive, and too progressive for mainstream – this is radio, as it should be. If you choose to join in the chat, just look for me, Mouse.

Okay? Onward!

ramblingsofabipolarwoman tagged me in a little game!

And I do think this is like the earlier “Tagged In” blog award. So thank you, ramblings!

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo and eleven random facts about you. (This rule was changed slightly by me.)
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/Twitter and let them know they’ve been tagged.

My nominees:

C at kissmeunderthepinkblossomtree

John at writingthebody




L.C. Spoering, Writer

Doe Eye Devil

That’s it for now.

My 11 questions to my nominees:

Okay, technically, there are more than 11 questions here, but some of them are part and parcel, so don’t hate me!

1. Do you like art? If so, what is your favorite piece or type of artwork?

2. You’re lying on your back, looking up at the clouds. What sort of shapes do you see in the clouds?

3. How do you respond to boredom? What’s your favorite thing to do to alleviate it?

4. What is your favorite flower?

5. Did you have a favorite teacher, and why was he/she your favorite?

6. How would you describe your sense of humor?

7. What was the best vacation you ever went on?

8. Do you like or loathe to shop?

9. Do you like poetry? Either yes or no, how does it make you feel? Do you have a favorite poem?

10. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

11. If you had a theme song, what would it be?

A photo:

This is me recently:


11 random facts about myself:

And I will once again try to keep these short!

1. My family has never lived far from railroad tracks, in any home we’ve ever lived in. Hence a fascination with trains on my part.

2. I didn’t fully understand death until I was about 11 years old. But that’s a story for another time. Not right now.

3. The first movie I remember seeing in a movie theater was “E.T.” And, for the longest time afterwards, the only part I could remember is towards the end, when the older brother’s friends see E.T. for the first time, where E.T. is standing in the back of the white van, wreathed in fog, with his heart aglow. That’s what I remembered most. I was only like three years old when I first saw that movie.

4. The day after my high school graduation, I realized that an old saying had it exactly right – “….Today really is the first day of the rest of your life.” And that realization was rather forcefully brought upon me. Though again, that’s another story for another time.

5. My cousin Gina and I both came to a stunning realization one summer. (I was eighteen at the time, so Gina would have been twelve.) While walking home to Nana’s from the town pool one afternoon, we passed in front of Mrs. Taylor’s house. And Mrs. Taylor had a wrought-iron fence along the front of her property, right at the sidewalk. And both Gina and I looked at the fence, then looked at one another, and we both said out loud, “Hasn’t this fence always been taller than us?” Because we were taller than it, but we both remembered having to reach waaay up to touch the tips of the fence! Yeah. Strange moment, that.

6. One of our favorite toys growing up was the Foxtail.

Found via Google search for 'foxtail'
Found via Google search for ‘foxtail’

Boy, is this a fun toy. You whip it around and around in the air, and then let it go, to see how far it’ll fly. Yeah. Our aunt Ellen had one, and we kids played with it all the time. She got us our very own Foxtail….which I promptly lost by accidentally throwing it onto a roof. Brilliant!

7. We kids used to run around picking locust shells off trees.


Yup. That was a fun pastime. We’d compete to see who could get the best looking one. You know, one in one piece, that sort of thing. And we tried to put them some places where we thought it would scare one of us, but that never worked. I still pick them off trees every now and then.

8. Ooo, speaking of locusts, I do love the sound of locusts chirping on summer evenings. I grew up with that sound. I miss that sound; don’t hear it much anymore, at least not where I live now.

9. Halloween is actually my favorite holiday. But not for obvious reasons. It’s an explanation you’ll have to wait on, though, because it’s not autumn or Halloween time yet.

10. I was a band geek. Yup. Well, I did play flute, you know. So, yes, I was in band throughout junior high and high school. And in ninth grade, if you joined the band program, you were automatically in the marching band as well. So I was a marching band geek, too. Here I am, band geek extraordinaire:


(This was taken during a marching competition at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, and it’s just a proof photo, so it’s not that great quality wise. Sorry.)

11. Oh, by the way, the marching band hats are not to be called hats. They’re called shakos. According to one of my bandmates that year, Lori Schell, the band budget “paid extra money to call them shakos.” My bad. But I always called them ‘hats’ in the privacy of my own mind. And my hat gave me splitting headaches, because it stuck to my head like a vice! Stick a feather in her cap – she’s done! Just like the shoes we were required to wear weren’t to be called shoes – they were Dinkles. Oof-da.

My answers to ramblingsofabipolarwoman’s 11 questions:

1. What is one of your fondest childhood memories?
~ I’m so sentimental! There are so many! There was the family Hawaiian-themed cookout; there was jumping out of trees into leaf piles below; there was playing at the parks with my favorite relatives; there was learning to waltz to Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock” (thank you, aunt Ellen); there was even Sunday school where we learned the song about Noah building the ark ‘out of hickory barky barky/Children of the Lord/So rise and shine and give God the glory glory….’, and I’m singing and doing the hand gestures as I type this. This list is endless, because I can remember so much.

2. What town & country were you born in?
~ I was born in the state of Illinois, in the good old US of A. Daren’t tell you the city or town, because I still get back to that area of the state, because relatives live around there.

3. What is something you HATE to eat?
~ I’m not a picky eater, so there isn’t anything I hate to eat. But I’m not big on certain meats. I don’t like a lot of beef or pork, and I don’t eat steak or any red meats. I only eat chicken or turkey.

4. What is a talent you wish that you had or that you were better at?
~ Dancing. I cannot dance, period. I don’t even think I have any sort of rhythm.

5. Why did you join WordPress?
~ I started ‘Mouse’s Lilypad’ on Blogger in 2005. Older Sister used to have a couple blogs, and she’s the one who found WordPress. She switched over to it, because it was more user friendly and there were more options in terms of templates and posting capabilities. I trotted on over not long thereafter, and have been here ever since. Recently, I just receieved a ‘5 year congratulations’ from WordPress, because I’ve been with them that long. I love WordPress. Keep up the great work, guys!

6. What is one of your most favorite dishes to make/eat?
~ I love cooking and baking in general, so I don’t have one particular favorite dish to make/eat, but I don’t cook or bake as often as I should. I’m trying to change that. I love making any sort of sweets for the family, like the veggie cookies.

7. Where is somewhere you haven’t been that you’d like to travel to?
~ Either New York City or London, England. But I’d go anywhere I haven’t been. I’m a wanderer, a traveler. I love it, and I don’t do it enough.

8. What animal do you think best suits your personality?
~ That’s easy – a mouse. Because my very nature is timid and meek and small and tentative, just like a mouse.

9. Do you like sports, if so….what is your favorite to watch?
~ I do like watching sports. Used to be big on football, baseball, and gymnastics growing up. Nowadays, if I want to watch a sport, I’ll watch hockey. To paraphrase Gilda Radner, watching sports on TV ‘makes me feel there are men in the house.’

10. Have you ever played a musical instrument, if so….what and if not, what you play if you could be taught?
~ I am currently taking guitar lessons and voice lessons. I can also play flute (though I’m no virtuoso at it), and I can plink around on piano and/or keyboards. I’d actually like to try to become better at flute and piano. I might at least take up piano lessons again in the future, and try to become better at the flute on my own. We’ll see.

11. What do you think your best qualities are?
~ Hmm. That’s a tough one. I like that fact that I’m optimistic, despite my pessimism and slightly cynical nature. I like that I have hope. I like that I try to see the good in everyone.

I have a strange way of viewing the world, mostly because I know I don’t think like I should given my age. I call myself a perpetual girl, and so I am. Some people don’t understand that about me, but it makes perfect sense. I’m not naive, and I’m not purposely acting naive. I am just….simple.

I also like that I’m basically observant; while I don’t recommend blatantly eavesdropping, I pick up good little sentences that way. Like this one, from an old job: “Whatever happened to our dear old friend? He got off way too early.” As I didn’t hear the whole conversation, there’s an ambiguity to that statement that’s just interesting. And what was it my classmate Fred once said? “It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.” Nice one. So. Yeah.

It’s now about 4:25 a.m.

I need some more sleep!


4 thoughts on “Tagged in a little game

  1. Dear Mouse,

    Thank you very much for choosing me, I am looking forward to creating a post for this,it is different.

    Happy Good Friday, hope you tuck into some nice chocolates like I have been.

    Take care,
    C x

    • Aww, thank you! I meant to actually ‘tag’ you on this, in a comment, but I had to get back to sleep! I know, I’m a bad blog friend! =) And, yes, I will have some chocolate!

  2. Thank you for participating!!!! I am so glad you did! I loved reading more about you and hope everyone you tagged responds!!!! 🙂

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