Quick due to busy

It’s Wednesday, but I’ll be working today, on account of Friday is the real holiday and will be my day off for the week.

I actually really do like the flexibility in my schedule, in that I can work as needed.

And I’ll be busy today, as Karen and the entire records staff will be away at a seminar all day. So I’ll be on my own. I can handle it. It’s my job.

Oh, that reminds me. I’d like to tell you about jobs, past and present. But just, not now. But here’s a sneak peek – you know that Outkast song “Hey Ya”? Reminds me of an old job. Strange but true. More later.

ramblingsofabipolarwoman has tagged me in ‘a little game.’ I’ll be getting to that in the next day or so – it’s hard to come up with eleven new questions! But I will be answering that!

Gonna have company today through Friday. Yup. My Nana, my aunt Laurie, and my cousins Jack and Millie are coming for a visit. We’re going to have such fun. Too bad I have to work!

Also have other posts in mind.

And I’ve got cleaning and practicing and writing to do, too!

As the saying goes, “So much to do, so little time!”



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