Tune for Tuesday #12 – Neko Case, “Hold On Hold On”

This is Neko Case; image found via Google search for her.
This is Neko Case; image found via Google search for her.

It began innocuously enough.

This particular CD caught my eye at Best Buy one day, and I thought it looked interesting, and the title of the album (see below) was interesting, and all the song titles were interesting. So I bought the CD, took it home. The only difference being, rather than wait a day or so, like I usually do, for whatever reason, I listened to it straightaway.

Thank god!

I love Neko Case. She can do no wrong.

And this song is a perfect example.

This is a great song. This song can alternately make me happy and hopeful, make me angry, make me cry. This song has been featured in my dreams before. I want to use this song in a story one day, at a crucial moment in the plot where it would mean everything. I want to be able to play and sing this song one day….actually, I want to be able to play and sing all of Neko Case’s songs one day. She’s gone on record as saying this particular song is her most personal, ergo, she’s inspired me to try to write my own.

That’s how much I love Neko Case. And this song, too.

Some of you might recognize this song because Marianne Faithfull did a cover version. I like Marianne Faithfull, too, and so I’ve heard her version of this song. It’s all right, doesn’t stray too far from the original; I can tell Marianne Faithfull had a lot of respect for the original.

But this is the original. And it is the best.

This is Neko Case, my favorite female singer of all time. From her 2006 album, “Fox Confessor Brings the Flood,” this is a song called “Hold On Hold On.”


Here is a live version of this song as well.

Many, many thanks to Youtube user guavamaster for the video.


One thought on “Tune for Tuesday #12 – Neko Case, “Hold On Hold On”

  1. Dear Mouse,

    I really love this sing Mouse, as well as this ladies voice, it is very raw, I mean, very emotional. I think I have now found a new talent I want to listen to, think you for introducing me to her.

    Easter has come a little early, I just had a big chocolate Easter egg, naughty me!

    Take care,

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