Photos from today

Because I didn’t mean to leave off so depressingly last post! But it was a great song, I think, and it’s very true. So.

Anyway. Today has been ripe for photo opportunities.

It’s been snowing off and on all day. We’ll only be getting three inches at most from this snowfall. Hopefully, this is the last snowfall of the season….even though we’re long overdue for a May blizzard (which has been known to happen here in the Midwest)….

Here’s the view looking west from our front stoop:


And looking east:


Mom and I repotted our African violets. I love African violets.


My second cousin Robin sent me a recipe for veggie cookies. The cookies aren’t really made with vegetables – they just don’t have any eggs in them. So I tried the recipe this morning. It didn’t make many cookies….:


….but Mom said I could just double up the recipe next time to make more. They turned out all right; I found them to be sort of rich, actually, and I can only eat one at a time (the recipe calls for pure maple syrup, so). Mom and the Brothers also gave the cookies a taste seal of approval. Coming from Younger Brother, who likes to eat, that was quite the compliment. But Older Sister is the one I have to impress; she hasn’t been over yet today. We’ll see. Oh, and also, I put in waaaay too many chocolate chips. Not on purpose – I did what the recipe said! But it was waaaay too many. Drat it. I’ll remember that for next time.

Muirne is such a mooch. Here she is, licking her chops, watching like a hawk while Younger Brother is making his lunch:


Silly dog.

Here’s burrito kitty and the birds. (Sounds like a funky band name, doesn’t it?):


Nuala’s tuckered out from all the attention….:


Too cute!

I got a new little inspirational hanging from the Lakeside Collection. I put it right on the wall next to my computer here.


Well, it’s worth the reminder.

I’m getting started on my family book project. I’m rereading things and critiquing them, in order to determine what I should put in the book. And that’s actually going to be a lot to go through. Well, I gave myself until Christmas to get it done. And I will.

It’s too late in the day for a nap, but I’m tired! Leaving off a little more happily today!


5 thoughts on “Photos from today

    • The recipe also calls for applesauce, which I think would take the place of the eggs. I’m not entirely sure. We’ve also got an egg-less cake recipe; we call it “Wacky Cocoa Cake.”

  1. For fairytaleepidemic – nah, our family eats eggs. No one in my immediate family is allergic, or vegetarian (relatives would be a different story). It was just a different recipe I wanted to try out. =)

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