Cold commiseration, an old journal entry offering, and side notes

There’s a little of everything in this post! No, I am not doped up on cold medication. But I’ve had this really bad cold since Friday, and the cold is the reason I’m awake so dang early. And it is too early! I’m usually not up for another two hours!

I had to cancel my guitar lesson on Saturday because of my cold. “Keep my germs to myself,” as Angie put it.

Medicine really hasn’t helped. Neither has chicken noodle soup or orange juice. If anything, this morning in particular, the cold has only gotten worse.

But it should be abating any time now. ! Because I do have to go to work today. !!!!

Well, I almost got through the cold and flu season without getting sick.

But, despite getting a flu shot back in October, I never said nor thought to myself that I would never get sick this season.

Did you get all that?

I’m not a person to think ‘it could never happen to me.’ I have never have been one to think like that, not even when I was little. Because anything can and does happen at any given time. Even to the best of us.

Would you like to hear a story about that?

Actually, how about a journal entry? Remember, I kept an almost daily journal for about ten, eleven years for a while there, most of it during my high school days; I’m in the process of converting them all to Word documents. This particular entry was written during my sophomore year of high school.


Thursday, October 24th

“I’m glad I ain’t got no money. Now I ain’t got no appetite.”

So says Floyd from the Muppets. But I’m not writing it for the same reasons he said it.

We had to watch STD slides in health class today.

Funny thing is, I was the only young adult in the room.

The rest of the class acted like six-year-olds. They were laughing and saying, “EW! GROSS!” With one slide in particular – a close-up of a man who had a syphilis scar on his lip – one boy shouted out, “He did a smart thing, covering his face!”

Isn’t that ridiculous?!?

First of all, I wasn’t thinking “Ew, gross.” I wasn’t expecting something pretty, for heaven’s sakes!

And secondly, every single kid was probably thinking, “Oh, that could never happen to me.” That was probably the thought going through everyone else’s mind. I, at least, accepted the fact that these diseases were real, and that they could happen to anyone. Even me, if I’m not careful. Of course, once one of the other kids gets one of the diseases because they weren’t careful, they may not be laughing. Idiots.

Hence my loss of appetite. Why are kids so immature?”



As a side note, I am very well aware that immaturity can sometimes be a good thing – because sometimes, it’s the only way to cope. And I know that.

But what do I really know?

*shrug* My perception might the one that’s skewed. I was warped. I am warped.


Another side note – you might have noticed a new page up top there. Or, I should say, list of pages. I put together a ‘Media List’ in three parts and published it. It includes all the books, music, and movies that I own. And it’s all cumulative – that’s ten+ years worth of collecting media. So, you know, it’s subject to change.

And, yes, I bought and paid for it all. Like I said, it’s all cumulative.

The only thing not included within the music list is a list of singular MP3s I have (like the earlier Emmy Rossum song I posted). Perhaps later, I’ll get that up.

Just so you have an idea of where I’m coming from, and where I get some crazy ideas.

I did have something like this on my old blog, but not in the nice, neat list formats that WordPress offers. So the old blog was a partial inspiration behind the ‘Media List.’

The remainder inspiration came from my dad, a/k/a DJ Mozo. When he was affiliated with Radio ACN, he had a whole list of his own personal MP3 collection available online for perusal. And that list still exists – you can find it here – albeit it’s very very outdated now, because it’s grown and changed exponentially since it was last updated. Oh, Dad, don’t take the list down! I consider it a good springboard for those unfamiliar with the genius that is Mozo – 15,000+ songs on that list, which is actually just scratching the surface of your amazing musical tastes. You are brilliant! (When am I ever going to get an MP3 of your song?!?)

Dad does play songs more than once, but you never hear them twice, if you gather my meaning.

Sorry about the babbling. I’m so loopy! Dratted lack of sleep! Dang cold!


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