A Gir Girl!

(Photo-heavy post ahead.)

I’ve said so before, but it bears repeating: I love the cartoon show “Invader Zim.” It is one of my most favorite TV shows of all time.

Some backstory for you about the show. “Invader Zim” was created by Jhonen Vasquez, and originally aired on Nickelodeon from 2001 to about 2003 (so for two seasons). The show was about an alien by the name of Zim. Zim was a member of the Irken race, and was (sort of) sent to Earth to study the planet for its weaknesses and report back to the Irken army, who would then conquer it (as part of their grand master plan to take over the universe called “Operation Impending Doom II,” tee hee). Hijinks and crazy shenanigans ensued with each episode. At times, the show was very dark. But it was hysterically funny for the most part.

Zim’s sidekick was a robot named Gir. Gir is a SIR (Standard Issue Retrieval) robot, but the Irken leaders made him out of garbage; however, the ‘G’ in Gir’s name doesn’t stand for ‘garbage,’ and it’s never explained why he is called Gir. Gir was like a little kid, easily distracted, and was very flighty and irreverent. Gir’s favorite foods were tacos, cupcakes, and waffles. Gir was voiced by Rosearik “Rikki” Simmons, who was the perfect vocal counterpart to Richard Steven Horvitz’s performance as the titular Zim.

Gir was seen in two different ways throughout the series – there was his true side (his robot appearance) and his Earth disguise.

This is robot Gir:


And this is Gir in his Earth (dog) disguise:

Image found via tumblr via Google search for 'gir'
Image found via tumblr via Google search for ‘gir’

I don’t remember when, exactly, I became a fan of the show. I wasn’t watching it when it was originally run – I wanted to, but I kept forgetting it was on. I think one day, I happened to catch a rerun on Nickelodeon, or I might have seen a compilation of ‘best scenes of Invader Zim’ on Youtube, and I just became hooked.

I have the entire series on DVD, and I have seen every episode at least twice now. It’s a phenomenal show, in my opinion. Like I said, it was funny, but dark at times….and I liked the darkness as much as the funny. (However, there was one episode, entitled “Dark Harvest” which was really sort of disturbing to me, and so I’ve only seen that particular episode once).

Most of my favorite episodes simply featured Zim and Gir and their clashing personalities, or, in Gir’s case, lack thereof. Two of my most favorite episodes were “Walk of Doom” and “Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain.”


Over the years, I’ve purchased everything Gir-related that I could get my hands on. And I found it all at Hot Topic in the local mall.

Here are my Gir lounge/sleep pants; I’m modeling the pants, so my apologies for the wideness of the legs and hips:


They are fleece and really snuggly warm; I won’t be wearing these during the summer! The top you can see a little of in the picture is a skinny-strap tank top:


Hey, I’m keeping with the ‘Invader Zim’ color scheme, with this pajama combination! So shoot me if it’s a skinny-strap tank top! (I know, I don’t look good in skinny straps.)

Here are three pairs of Gir earrings:




And, yes, I have worn these. And, yes, I have been known to wear these to work….and not just on casual Fridays, either….(well, some days, I just feel whimsical, and I wear Gir earrings, no big deal; no one’s noticed so far….)

I have a Gir pullover sweatshirt; these two pictures are the front and back, respectively:



Hey, cupcakes are very important to Gir. =)

I have a Gir purse, my very latest Gir-related purchase from Hot Topic….:


….and I cannot wait for the moment where I could use this purse. Because I will. With STYLE!

I even found Gir barrettes:


And here is the DVD box which houses my “Invader Zim” DVDs. The box is in the style of Zim’s Earth dwelling on the show. And, yes, there is a little Gir figurine alongside the box; it came with the DVD set:


So, that’s my entire Gir collection thus far. My ultimate goal is to own a plush Gir….but whether it’s in the form of robot Gir or dog disguise Gir, I haven’t decided. Oh, and I’ve seen Gir flip-flops once or twice at Hot Topic before, and I should try to get a pair of those, too.

I know. I’m obsessed with the little guy. But he’s so cute and he’s so funny. Can you blame me?!?

Just go watch the show. It’s a great show!

(Oh, and this was my 100th post on this new blog! Huzzah! Thank you so much for reading!)


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