It’s the arts….or lack thereof….

(Forewarning: This will be a photo-heavy post. Just so you’re aware. And I love having an all-in-one printer/copier/scanner machine!)

I am no artist. I’ve always wanted to be able to draw and sketch and paint, but I can’t to save my life! Photography is as good an artist as I’m going to get, and I’m not even that good at photography anyway!

But that doesn’t mean I don’t try to draw every now and then.

I knew a girl in elementary school named Olivia Kieffer, and she was the class artist. She was generous enough to try to give me drawing lessons. Because of Olivia, I can sort of draw faces and figures.

For example, here’s a figure doodle I did one day during lecture in art class my senior year of high school:


And here’s a face I drew in junior year:

I call it "Plainface."
I call it “Plainface.”

Nowadays, the extent of my drawings and doodles are limited to animal caricatures:

~ A kittie, inspired by the character Daniel Spangler from the book The Language of Goldfish:


~ A bunny, the design for which I came up with on a whim while on a car trip to visit relatives in Illinois:


~ A frog, which are always the worst-drawn of my animal caricatures:


~ An owl, just because I love owls:


~ A couple flamingos, which I guess look more like toucans than flamingos; I was actually starting to doodle a musical treble clef sign for no reason, and came up with such a bird figure instead:


~ And, of course, I can draw mice. But scroll to the very end of the post for that photo.

I know I’ve said I won’t ever see a talk therapist again. But it wasn’t like talk therapy didn’t have its benefits.

One of the therapists I used to see was a lady named Joan. Upon her learning that I liked all things creative, she would work some art therapy into our sessions. And even though I told her I was no artist, she gently insisted, saying there could be no right or wrong drawing.

The art therapy was almost Rorschachian in its approach – Joan had pieces of paper with pre-printed designs on them. These pre-printed designs were like a springboard – the patient could draw whatever he/she saw/felt/wanted/needed. Then Joan would analyze the drawing with the patient.

I don’t remember most of the drawings I did. I also don’t have most of them anymore. No, Joan didn’t keep all of them – just a couple. I got to keep the rest. I only found one within my paperwork.

I don’t remember the original pre-printed design, but whatever it was, this was what I came up with:


No analysis needed. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

You want a great book to read about fighting depression, while also looking for a great book of drawings? Cait Irwin wrote and illustrated a book called “Conquering the Beast Within.” It’s a fantastic book. I’ve had a copy for several years, and just recently re-read it, for inspiration.

Well, why do you think I decided to make this post?

Oh! I almost forgot! When I saw a different therapist, a lady named B (full name redacted for a reason), she determined that I had something called an ‘ego state.’ Wikipedia has a whole entry devoted to ego-state therapy. Yeah, it all sounds Sybil-ish, I know. I do not have a multiple personality disorder, but the ‘ego state’ as B suggested does make some sense.

My ‘ego state’ was a timid, mousey 12-year-old girl. Her name is Sarah, always has been, always will be (not to be confused with my character Sarah from “Cherchez La Femme”). I also denote Sarah to be my ‘wary side,’ and so a part of my conscience, to a degree.

In keeping with the art therapy, I used to be big on online dollmaking, and had various sites that I’d go to. One of those sites was eLouai, under their ‘Candybar’ doll maker.

This is Sarah as I’ve always pictured her to look:

Sarah 1

She’s pleased to meet you, too.

Egad, this was a strange post, wasn’t it?

Well, that’s what happens when I get a day off during the week!

Might have more to say later. I’ll try to do better then!



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